About The Luminous Rabbit

What, precisely, is a luminous rabbit?  Good question, and one best answered by the rabbit’s creator P.G. Wodehouse:

[Bertie Wooster is planning revenge on Tuppy Glossop for a previous prank while his valet Jeeves packs]
You are bearing in mind, Jeeves,” I said, “the fact that Mr. Glossop will be at Bleaching [country house]?
Yes, sir.
And, consequently, are not forgetting to put in the Giant Squirt?
No, sir.
Nor the Luminous Rabbit?
No, sir.
Good! I am rather pinning my faith on the Luminous Rabbit, Jeeves.  I hear excellent reports of it on all sides.  You wind it up and put it in somebody’s room in the night watches, and it shines in the dark and jumps about, making odd, squeaking noises the while.  The whole performance being, I should imagine, well calculated to scare young Tuppy into a decline.
Very possibly, sir.

Why, then, is this blog named The Luminous Rabbit?  Because it’s a fabulous name for a blog.  Your blog doesn’t have that cool a name, does it?

So read on, and enjoy the jumping about and odd squeaking noises.